Sometimes folks ask me about materials. Originally, I wanted things to actually work: the pencils, the matches, the slingshot, the shotgun, the bass guitar, but this is beyond my skill (and not too safe). the slingshot is made of stretchable material (old nylon stockings and bookbinding glue) but I doubt you could throw a pebble very far with it! I made the pencils early on, and stuck real graphite and real erasers in there so they'd "work", and it satisfied me at the time. A few months ago I replaced one eraser with bubble gum. thanks to Steve L and Demetri K for the idea, and to Brian B for his comments. I'm glad I did it, it's more consistent with how the project is now. 

But I don't need everything to be what it isn't. I don't want to hinder the process by strictly avoiding "things that aren't what they are". If I do that I will never finish, and it won't be fun. Ultimately they're just props in a story. For instance, the beer can is aluminum, but it's cut from flashing, then painted, rolled, and glued. The envelope is paper, but it's an envelope shape cut from a larger sheet of paper, then painted, folded, and glued. The "toilet paper tube" in the Trophy is cardboard, but it's cut, painted, and rolled bristol board embellished with blotter paper. Next pencil I make will likely have burnt wood for a tip and, yes, bubble gum for an eraser, but the crown will still be aluminum, just like in a real pencil, because it's fun to shape and emboss and affix, and because it's such a beautiful material. I try to find a satisfactory balance with each piece.


Acorn Papier maché, paper clay, gouache, paper, colored pencil, oils, ink

A Trophy Polymer clay, wire, cardboard, paper, ink, paint pen, cotton, cut and rolled and dyed bristol with blotter paper

Bed (in progress) Cut and glued cardboard

Bird's Nest Nest Grass: Acrylic ink or gouache on cut paper. Nest Twigs: Acrylic ink on cut, glued and twisted paper. Birch Bark: Ink, pencil and gouache on cut and rolled paper. Torn Grocery Bag: Acrylic Ink and pencil on glasseine.

Block Sculpted and painted air-dry clay

Bookshelf Cut, glued and painted cardboard

Bread Tie Colored pencil and ink on cut plastic

Boxer Shorts Package Acrylic ink on cut and heat-sealed plastic

Buttons Acrylics on carved and drilled wood

Cake Balls Tube: Acrylic ink on taped and glued plastic. Balls: spray-painted air-dry clay. Cap: Acrylic ink on polymer clay.

Calipers Polymer clay with epoxy over armature, colored pencil, ink

Card from Alma Pencil, colored pencil and ink on cut paper

Car Shard Colored and glued Shrinky-dinks

Chevaline Beer Can Acrylic, graphite and shellac on cut and shaped aluminum

Chickadees and Cheese Jar Lid Acrylic ink on cut, embossed and shaped aluminum, colored pencil on paper with foam tape

Clotheshook Acrylic, pigment, air-dry clay, wire

Coffee Cup Acrylics and ink on cut and formed Bristol, wax

Cotton Swab Paper clay over wire, gouache, paper napkin, amber resin

Dead Yellow Jacket Polymer clay, wire, oil pastel, plastic film 

Desk Cut and glued cardboard, paint, pen. Handles: painted clay with wire, wood and glue. ABC Gum: painted glue

Diary (in progress) Pages: Colored pencil, pencil and ink on paper. Covers: Ink on gessoed board

Doorknob Polymer clay over metal armature

Fernulated Spittle Tabs Polymer clay, acrylic ink, paint, pencil, paper, plaster

Fingerjoint Box Colored pencil on cardboard with polymer clay and shaped plastic

Flattened Nickel Acrylic on air-dry clay

Flexible Form Bristol board, colored pencil, ink, paper, glassine, smooshed erasers

Flying Saucer Postcard Ink on paper and Bristol Board

Fur-tide Bottle Cap Acrylic, shellac and hot glue on cut and shaped aluminum

Git Up N' Go Defibrillator Co. Label Acrylic ink on paper

Gum Tucker Toothbrush Ink on polymer clay and hot glue, hair

Hangman Napkin Ink and pencil on embossed paper

Hinge Painted Shrinky Dinks

Keys Painted air-dry clay

Library Paperwork Ink and pencil on paper

Li'l Vinny Paintbrush Wood, wire, painted air-dry clay, hair

Maple Leaf Paper, acrylics, wire

Matchbook Colored pencil, gouache, paper, cardboard, sandpaper, wire, pigmented ash

Moss Tide Spittle Tabs Bottle: Painted polymer clay, pen on paper. Pills: plaster with pigment

NESSO Clips with grip Cut, filed and folded wire inside cut, folded and painted board

Note from Brian Pencil, colored pencil, ink, holes on cut paper

Note from Tammy Pencil, colored pencil, holes on cut paper

Oak Smokes Cigarettes Package: Colored pencil, ink and acrylic ink on paper, aluminum leaf on paper, silverpoint, cellophane. Cigarettes: ink and burnishing on handmade paper, oak leaves

Pencil 1 Graphite, papier maché, wood putty, embossed aluminum, acrylics, eraser

Pencil 2 Graphite, papier maché, wood putty, embossed aluminum, acrylics, bubble gum

Pencil Box Gouache, pencil, ink and paper on cut, folded & glued bristol

Pine Wisp Paper, acrylics, nylon, thread, wire

Pins Painted air-dry clay

PRO me-thee-us Lighter Fluid Can Cut, folded, glued and painted aluminum with polymer clay

Rabbit's Foot Wire, shaped plastic, polymer clay, air-dry clay, aluminum leaf, milkweed

Razor Blade Painted air-dry clay

Rug (in progress) Folded and painted newspaper, twine

Security Envelope Ink on cut, folded and glued paper

Sling n' Smite Slingshot (in progress) Branch: wood, wire, painted air-dry clay. Sling: painted glue on nylon, ink on glued paper. Box: ink on cut and glued board, painted and embossed paper over papier maché, ink on blotter paper, acrylic on Shrinky Dinks, acrylic ink on rubber, hot glue, wire. Pebbles: air-dry clay

Sunset Walking Shoes Shoe Box Box and Lid: Colored pencil on cut, folded and glued cardboard. Tissue Paper: Colored pencil on tracing paper

Snowbuddy with Ear Mates Hunting cap (in progress) Sewn fabric and embroidery. Tuft Club Badge: Polymer clay, sharpened wire

Sock Sewn fabric

Space Poem Colored pencil on dyed paper (Based on Space is Deep by Hawkwind)

Sparkleton Crier Newspaper (in progress) Pencil on cut paper

Spool of Thread Paper clay, acrylic ink, colored pencil, ink, paper, cat fur 

Stuffed Chickadee Bird: polymer clay, wax, wire, vellum, pencil, ink, frayed dental floss, pink styrofoam. Base: air-dry clay, acrylic ink, shrinky dinks, glitter

Toy Car Painted polymer clay, ink, steel, rubber

Trod-Alot Sneakers Foam, rubber, canvas, acrylics, sewing, polymer clay, woven string, ink, colored pencil

"Trouser Time" Pair of Pants Glued yarn on cut fabric, embroidery thread

Twisty-tie Acrylics on paper, glue, wire 

Vine Pigment on paper clay

Woodcock Waste Can Cut, worked and glued aluminum flashing painted with acrylic ink

Whiffle Ball Painted papier maché

Wisdom Teeth Acrylic ink and colored pencil on air-dry clay

Yo-yo Acrylic inks on clay and paper clay over armature, woven thread