Studio News from His Room as He Left It

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Flywheel Show 2

hi all, and come on down to the Flywheel during the month of October to see many music shows, and also items from His Room as He left It up on the walls in the foyer.

The artwork is up from Oct 9 to Nov 6
opening for the Easthampton Arts Walk
Oct 9

many thanks to friends near and far, it was incredibly nice to see you
and special thanks to Bunwinkies!!

September 2010

New name for Drey's Diary, which I've been meaning to change for a while now, Cake Balls progress and two sketches for Drey's Bird Comic Book.

Flywheel show 1

Come on down to the Flywheel September 16th 2010

for poetry readings by:
Beverly KetchShannon KetchElaine KahnEmma N. YoungByron Coley
and music by:
MannersCrystalline Roses
and art installation by:
me, consisting of several items from the project.

seeya there

Pix from Mike Medeiros, willowsun (at) aol (dot) com Thanks, Mike!
And huge thanks to Lei and Beverly for the invite and for desk-driving!

Name for Slingshot

17 August 2010
Can't decide.

8/19 update.. thanks to the folks who gave me 2¢ on this. "smite" seems to be the more intuitive choice.

Map of Sparkleton

6 June 2010
This is my working sketch of Sparkleton so I know what's what. The Ravine runs all the way through town, first between Patotts Rd and Worth St, behind the rooming house where Drey lives and Wooly's Dinor. It skirts the junkyard, just across the Ravine from Wooly's. It then winds down through to Nuder Park and under Lorna Rd on its way out of town. The Flats were added to accommodate increase in population when the Flying Saucer landed. Brian lives on ( not sure yet ) Rd, Henry lives on Frothpan, The Groveski sisters are on Repair and Nina lives on Limpus Lane. Tropine Taxidermy is on a Street I haven't named yet, but Alexandra lives at the edge of town on Lorna Rd. Turn-a-mot Taxi is right downtown on E Neskie, and the Timber Pot family restaurant is kitty-corner from Wooly's on Bundt St. Take West Wider to Sparklehampton Rest Home, on Sparklehampton Ct.

If you follow No-Name road for about 40 minutes on foot, you will arrive at the Flying Saucer site. Cruss St leads northwest to 918 which leads to Rte 27 if you need to take the bus to the New Supermarket. If you keep going in this general direction eventually you will reach Beam. 

Posting this reminds me that 60% of the story is still in notebooks, sketches, and my head, and therefore not represented on this site. So it may be confusing but it should be more cohesive when this thing is finished.

Working on Chickadee

6 June 2010

L'il Vinny paintbrush from start to finish

11 march 2010

23 March 2010

Desk update

Desk grain progress

28 February 2010

Tumbler plans

16 Januray 2010
Plans for tumbler, using small pieces of Shrinky Dinks

Desking along...

15 Januray 2010
Am probably going to use micron pen to add wood grain effect over the yellow. (that brown coat is primer)

November 2009

Making slow but sure progress on the Desk. Last time I put up a picture of it, it was just cardboard pieces leaning on eachother. Now it's all glued together with facing and I just need to figure out how to put the drawer in. then I will paint it and of course make some fake chewing gum wads for the underside. Thanks to ZKBob, and Samantha for Glue Power. Extra special thanks to my Uncle Charlie for the first go-round of desk-making.

October 2009 

Twice now I have been to New Hampshire for hunting. The incomparable John Asseng has taken me along while he and his hound Josie hunt for Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock. I am still dazed by the experience, so I won't say much... I held the Heart of a bird in my hand. It's hard for me to type that and hard for me to continue typing after saying such a thing. The memory will stay with me a long time.

John, Josie


Abandoned building along Rte 12 in New Hampshire. What? Does that say FANK? One of many coincidences that seem to meet me halfway with HRAHLI. Dream something up and it finds you in the real world...

I stayed at the Surry House where they had this Lithophane above the mantel

Field apples, shotgun shell, chainsaw oil can

I met these guys at breakfast. It was harrowing taking salt and pepper from them. It comes right out of holes in their chests. It called to mind watching Life leave the birds in the woods. I have always found this strange, the way we... the way we... well I can't articulate this right now, it's for the project to try to express anyway. 

A few days ago I learned that someone nominated me to submit for the ICA Boston's James and Audrey Foster Prize. What a nice surprise that was! Thank you, whoever you are. Turns out I am not eligible because it is only open to Boston area artists and I'm now in Western Mass. Sure was nice to hear that, though.

I now have a fabulous student intern from the high school, Samantha Sarvet, who mostly does painting and photography. She is helping with the task of lining paper with Prismacolor 936 Slate Grey for the diary. She's also helping me get the desk together. The desk is partway finished, structure-wise. I am posting from it now. In the background you can see the wonderful chicken-of-the-woods we found while hunting.

I have a lot to do, and these trips have given me so much more to do it with, starting with... the idea of a Chickadee on a chicken-of-the-woods diet.


13 September 2009
I had a good trip to Pennsylvania. Thanks to all the folks there who spent time with me, especially the Drakes and everyone at the Shadyside Hotel, Tom Erickson, Scott Wolfkiel, Rich Blaine, Greg Orr, John Sampson and of course my friends Slim and Victoria. Thanks to the SMFA for the opportunity to travel there. I will be taking another trip before next year. I am still looking for people to take me hunting, here or down in Pennsylvania.

Here are a few things that I found interesting: hands toilet paper holder, FLYING SQUIRREL, side of building, Lake Erie rushing at the shore, Union City Chair Co. which is an inspiration for the Pencil Factory in my story, Rexall Defender hot water bottle from a yard sale in Union City, playground in Caflisch Park, UC, and postcard of Niagara Falls.

storefront ART

21 August 2009
Thanks to Julia Handschuh, Joe Blumenthal, and Commonwealth Center for Change, objects from the Room are on display for a few weeks in the old Ritz Camera storefront at 219 Main Street, Northampton. 
Stop on by!

Article & Traveling Scholarship

2 June 2009
Thanks to Laura Holland for this article on my project in the June issue of the Valley Advocate's Preview magazine. I love her photograph of the Oak Smokes in action.

And! I am thrilled to be one of the Alumni recipients of the 2010 Traveling Scholarship from SMFA. This means sometime in the next year I'll be revisiting Pennsylvania to accompany hunters and taxidermists and use what I experience towards the project.

And! Huge congrats to my friend David who won both alumni and fifth year awards for Arthur Knight Hammer: King of the Bears.


Desk in progress

19 April 2009
Here are some pix of the Desk in progress. It's that same industrial cardboard as the Bookshelf. It's going to have a working drawer and will be painted with a made-up wood grain pattern. I did this work in November while our show was up, but never posted. I hope to get back to work on this soon.

Work From Home show

11 November 2008
Thanks to everyone who came to the opening! it was really nice to see you.
thanks especially to Kieran and Eli for the musical accompaniment. also to everyone at NCFAScott Kravitz,Steve ShavelBrooke Schnabel and Bob Marstall for pre-show help, Michael Ehlers for after-show help, ZK for always helping. also, extra thanks to Lisa and Kirk, who came from afar with small dogs.
the show is up till Nov 28, gallery hours Tues-Fri from 11-4pm.

Work From Home show announcement

23 October 2008
MZ and I are having a show at the Northampton Center for the Arts! please come.

Pants in Progress

4 September 2008
The pants are almost done, only the placket left to go. Yarn glued on cut and sewn fabric. Shown in progress and on Pants Model, Josh T!


13 August 2008
I still need to change several things, but this is a final sketch for one of the stories in Drey's bird comic book. It's done with Prismacolors using little speaker grilles for that "printed" look.. I enjoy doing things this way, and it is part of the point, but more and more I find myself thinking, "No wonder they made machines... "