Snips and snaps from 30 years of art hoo-ha, unrelated to His Room as He Left It, in no particular order

Lots of images! May take awhile to load. Thank you.

Coffee for Cecilia 2007

Lambscape, Lurcher 2010

Rabbits, Ram, Fox 2010

Note to Self from some downtime in 2004

Vet's Field at night, more trees and a cloud 1998-1999

Silver Nuthatch 

Gautama & Camera 1990 with Steve S

RABBIT TIDE 2005-2006

Rabbit Tide

Rabbit Tide Side for TL, BB, BC/OTT & CT

ghosts, glass spine, mirror mags, hospital shoes SMFA 2002

Irrational Schemes, keys for SJP, Abandoned Incline box, novel illustrations 1989-1994

wax wood with rhinestones, silver chain link, rusty water maker, sandblasted bone plates SMFA 2002

glass chandeliers 1999

Pantry Project SMFA 2003

Pluck, spunk, or sticktoitiveness kept handy like winter nuts, pantry stores of fat and sustenance. Words arrive and fonts follow, light through glass. Then shapes of whatever is good for you: Plaid Pads, Corbin Pluth or Manderflant. I keep aware of the jars and visit them when I feel empty. They remind me to draw upon what I know I have stored away.

Logos, Deathcar, Bellybutton 2001-2004

Sketchbooks 2010-2011

Smoking Cigarette, Raisin D'être 2006

abacii for the incalculable SMFA 2000-2003

mouse millinery, rabbit millinery, tee shirt tailoring, whiskers and a cat hat 2004-2008

Snow, Dozer, Allover, Thumb piano double decker 3587 Washington Street JP 2003

Smilers / everything sentient and emanating pure love and joy... 3587 Washington 

Figures 1988-2000

"4 Jan 88"

Paris, New York, Idaho, bones 1990s

Buildings 1989

Friends of Mine, Broken Ear Syndrome 2009

Time Cat! '94 with Scott P

TIGER 2006