Studio News from His Room as He Left It

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Dead Bird sketches for Drey's taxidermy

2 August 2008

A few things

August 2008 
Haven't been able to do much work yet this summer so here is a picture of some older things (for Cece!)

En Mass show/St Botolph Award/NCA show announcement

10 June 2008
I feel really good about all the feedback I got at the show on Friday. It was the first time I've felt like the essence of the project was getting across by itself, i.e., without me explaining anything. I guess it helps to have it out of the studio and up on the wall, and to have in-progress stuff along with the finished. I still have a long way to go, but how nice that some of my goals are being realized! People said they were laughing, getting lost in it, that they felt moved, and also that small-town America was coming through. Thanks so much, to anyone who finds it funny.. I want to make you laugh. 
So thanks everyone for your comments and questions and for being there, or sending wishes from afar.. special thanks to all my friends and family and to Demetri KaspersonTim HenniganJulia Shepley, Kelly BennettMurray DewartAlanNick, Peggy, and Matt, and to the BSG for having us. It was a whirlwind of people and I was really glad to see everyone. 

Also many thanks to Joann Kobin, who nominated me and my project for a St Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award.. and to St Botolph for the award itself! 

The third piece of good news this week is that Mollie Zanoni and I will be having a two-person show at the Northampton Center for the Arts in November. Please come see further progress of the Room along with Mollie's excellent sculpture and hopefully some of her fine drawings as well.

PS, check out the MCC's blog, Artsake. Lots of cool stuff!

En Mass show announcement

28 April 2008
well, I didn't win a Winter Fellowship, but in other news: 
The Boston Sculptors Gallery is where the MCC Sculpture Grant Recipients Show will be. It runs from May 21 to June 22. Five of us are showing, and the shindig is Friday June 6th.
See you there ! Neat art !

free food !

PRovincetown Fine Arts Work Center Jury show

21 April 2008
This weekend I went to Provincetown MA for the final jury for the Fine Arts Work Center Winter Fellowship 2008. 55 Artists were chosen out of 300-something to install for the weekend and compete for 10 spots. The fellowship is 7 months of studio time in the middle of snow-laden nowhere. I hope I get in. Thanks Toni Lee, for helping me get there. We had a proper road trip! Hope they didn't look under the car. ;)


A layer of triple-ply on a layer of double-ply heavy-duty cardboard. Not sure what color it's going to be, the red is primer. THANKS especially to Bob, Josh and Mary-Clare, Gerry Hoag, ZK and Mol.

Pants Pocket Post


Rabbit's FooT

13 October 2007
From start to finish. Wire, Shape-lock (malleable plastic), ink, binder's tape, Sculpey, Air-dry clay, aluminum leaf, milkweed.

Latent Thread Row show

3 July 2007
Thanks to Demetri and Monika for the opportunity to show my work at their Sevengaits Gallery, Southbridge, MA. It was an honor to show alongside the splendid dresswear of Eddi Phillips and the extraordinary paintings of Noelle Nevolo. The space is beautiful, the building is great, and the opening was a blast.

Very happy

20 June 2007
I got a grant!
from the Mass Cultural Council.
I'm so happy. Thanks everybody!
thanks especially to Steve Shavel, Dan Oxenberg, Bob Marstall, Mollie Zanoni & my super Mom ZK

Here is the very choppy video that the MCC was kind enough to sit through! I’m just glad I wasn’t applying for film making…

Drey's Diary Cover, version 1

24 May 2007
Drey's Diary in progress, back when I was calling it "APSIS" in 2004. Inked-in pencil on painted binder's board. 

Sneaker #1

9 March 2007
Almost done with the first of two sneakers. Cut, sewn & glued canvas, paper, ink, acrylic, foam, Foamies, rubber, Sculpey, sewn string.


18 November 2006
Squirly mag cover sketch: pencil on paper


This band-aid was from 2006. Pricked painted plastic, deli paper, tarlatan. Then it fell apart and is no more.

Old sketch

2005 for Oak Smokes

Corner of Room sketch

Here's a working sketch of Drey's desk, bookshelf and various items. I think when I made this drawing, I'd only completed the maple leaf, the Nesso clips, a pencil, the matchbook, the pine wisp and the flying saucer postcard. Sketching this out helped me plan for some other items and the furniture. 18x24", pencil on paper.

Gumtucker toothbrush

Here's the Gumtucker toothbrush in progress, back when I was calling it the Kavity King. Brush: Painted Sculpey, my hair. Wobbly Nib: ink on sculpted hot glue

Snowbuddy with Ear-Mates

2005-still working on it
Here is Drey's Snowbuddy hunting cap which he inherited from Ralph Pattot. It is still in progress and is sewn fabric. The Penna Tuft Club pin is polymer clay with sharpened wire.

Tufted Titmouse

This is the second bird I started making for Drey's taxidermy efforts. It's silk, cotton, rayon, wire, electrical tape and glass beads. The first bird bird was a chickadee of similar materials, but I ended up making a different chickadee in 2009, which is in Finished Pieces. Will eventually make a different titmouse as well.